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    We are main focus on the automotive headlamps and car lightings products, we have 12 years experiences on the car bulb industry. we can custom auto bulbs and oem our regular led headlights. we have successfully with the functions as belowed:

    1. full- canbus  function

    2. waterproof

    3. high power with 35watts.  ( the range is : 28w to 35w)

    4. working voltage is : 12v to 32v

    5. with slim size and easy installation designs.

    5. devil eyes are available...

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  • Auto parts Exhibition show
    Auto parts Exhibition show (1)

    Professional auto parts show, we main showing our regular headlamps and new auto led bulbs designs.

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  • car led headlight bulb news
    car led headlight bulb news (47)

     car led headlight bulbs for 2020 auto led bulb housing system with super brightness car led bulb suitable for car led headlight bulbs instead.

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