How to choose a right NOVA HEADLIGHT BULBS?

It is all know that, NOVA LED HEADLIGHT BULBS still not have standards in the car lighting market. However, it can be objected by the below terms:

1. Easy installation - Suitable size to cars assembly. - It means no harms to the original instead. (Suitable Socket, Back Thin Size, Simple Cable, Simple Product)

2. With good lighting performance. -- There are 3 type lighting beams standard: America beam cut/ Europe beam cut/ Japan beam cut.

3. LED headlights should be follow the means of the LED. -- Energy saving, enviromentable friendly using, longer life spans, Brighter, nicer, simple.
4. Bulbs should be Freedom from jamming, no need extra Resistors or Can-bus decoders. If there need a resistors together with a LED bulb to a car, it will make things worse, we 'd better suggest u to take Original halogen Bulbs to the instead.

5. Of the selection of raw material: Good design is not enough, It should have standard quality matierial to match with.  Some time, we could see some factory want to make big profit, and just use normal material parts. 

6. CRI Above 75.

7. The Bulbs Heat dissapation system must take into very careful jobs. All we know, The LEDs is freaky of the heat, If the heat could not dissapate out fast , The bulbs dying fast .

8. Waterproof: IP 68.

9. Enough LM. real LM must reach over 2000.

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