9005/9006-AUTO LED BULB
HB3/HB4 is a good car led headlamp bulb for the automotive lighting, for European market, auto led bulb is highly used for Environmental protection and energy saving. We can sure that the auto led lighting Accessories will be popular more and more. Welcome to ordering our car led bulb.
Led auto headlamp bulbs HAS SLIM DIFFERENCE OF THE  BASE, THE SOCKET OF THE auto led headlight bulbs IS THINER MORE. IF YOU LIKE YOUR CARS LOOKS COOL AND LIGHTING MORE BETTER of the night, THIS auto headlight bulbs WOULD BE YOUR BEST CHOICE! auto led bulb for car HS code is 85122010, it is the only code for the automotive led headlight bulbs. YOU MAY ASKING, WHAT'S DIFFERENCE TECHNICALS OF THE led auto headlight bulbs for sale? Automotive led headlight bulbs Canada has more requests for the market selling. not only Canada but also America has the similar demands for the led car headlight bulb. the led auto headlight bulbs aspect shows on the driver datas and the EMC effectives.