HIGH / LOW BEAM H4 HEADLAMP BULB IS MOSTLY USED FOR THE Japanese cars, With 4 led headlight, more LEDS  can help 55 watt led headlights to run with more lumens. 7 led headlights "VIPER SRT-10 H4 LED BULBS " IS PURSUE THE BETTER BEAM CUT FOR THE OPEN REFLECTORS.  WE don't need LENS PROJECTORS to get the nice hi/low beam cut, our 4×6 led headlights H4 dual beam led bulb already have the features to making the standard of the led car headlight bulbs review.
viperSRT- 10 items is our new auto bulbs designs for our good customers market only. If you like H7 to installation to your cars, don't hesitate to try our viper series.